Standard Epoxies.

Absolute Clear Epoxies

PRO-SET Absolute Clear Epoxies are formulated for extremely clear coatings and laminations with carbon and other reinforcement fibres. Commonly used for clear coatings on wood, surfboard laminations, and other board sport products in a production setting, this epoxy provides colourless clarity and UV stability. For ultimate long-term UV stability, use with a UV stable topcoat.

These product offer easy processing, are optimized for fill coats, and hand wet out of lightweight reinforcement fabrics or fibres.  Cures to an extremely smooth surface with excellent sandability.  Reaches full physical properties at room temperature cure.

Absolute Clear Resin

ACE-166 Absolute Clear


Absolute Clear Hardeners

ACE-262 Absolute Clear Fast Hardener

ACE-265 Absolute Clear Slow Hardener


See Technical Data Sheets for details on PRO-SET Absolute Clear resin and hardener combinations.

PRO-SET ACE-166 with ACE-262 Fast Cure Clear Coating Epoxy

PRO-SET ACE-166 with ACE-265 Slow Cure Clear Coating Epoxy