Guía de seguridad

WEST SYSTEM Safe clean-up

How to clean up and dispose of used WEST SYSTEM epoxy

Epoxy is chemical product so if you spill or want to dispose of any, there are some special steps you should follow.


If you spill any epoxy, contain it with sand, clay or another inert absorbent material and use a scraper to collect as much material as possible. Follow up with absorbent towels.

Do not use sawdust or other fine cellulosic materials to absorb hardeners and/or dispose of hardener in waste containing sawdust or other fine cellulose materials. This is to avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Clean resin, mixed epoxy residue or uncured epoxy with a cleaning solvent. Clean hardener residue with warm soapy water.


Dispose of resin, hardener and empty containers safely in accordance with local disposal regulations.

Do not dispose of resin or hardener in a liquid state. Waste resin and hardener should be mixed and cured (in small quantities) to a non-hazardous inert solid.