Guía de seguridad


How to use WEST SYSTEM epoxy safely

WEST SYSTEM® epoxy, like any chemical product, must be handled with care. Here we share vital health and safety guidance that will enable you to use your epoxy product safely and successfully.

Explore our advice on all manner of issues to do with WEST SYSTEM safety:

  • Safe clean-up. Epoxy is a chemical product so if you spill or want to dispose of any, there are some special steps you should follow.
  • Safe removal. Whether your epoxy is uncured, cured or non-curing, it can be removed from your structure. Usually heat can be used to make the process easy.
  • Health and fire hazards. Epoxy resins and hardeners are comprised of a number of chemical ingredients, of varying proportion and toxicity. They contain only a very small proportion of the more hazardous ingredients but it is still worth being aware of all potential hazards before starting to work with WEST SYSTEM epoxy.
  • Preventing overexposure. You can prevent health problems from the start by limiting your exposure to hazardous materials. This means more than using respirators, goggles and protective clothing.
  • Environmental issues. It is important to consider the environmental impact when choosing the products you will use on your projects and ultimately disposing of them. Seeing as epoxy is a chemical product, there are some special ‘green’ steps that environmentally-friendly users should follow.